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Fountains of Kansas City

The City of Fountains

Kansas City, often called the City of Fountains, is host to more fountains than any other city in the world aside from Rome. From Greek mythological characters to modern conceptual art, fountains adorn the boulevards and parks of the city, and serve as decorative flourishes within gardens, along the banks of waterways, and in front of landmark buildings.

Enjoy the beauty of a different Kansas City fountain each month through our 2012 Fountains of Kansas City desk calendar. These calendars make great gifts for former Kansas City residents longing for a taste of home, for proud Kansas Citians wanting to lure out-of-towners to their great city, and for anyone needing a touch of beauty in a long work day. Pick up a few for your holiday shopping list!

Our Kansas City holiday cards can be customized with your company logo and greeting, please call for minimum quantities and ordering.